SnipeZilla Snipin’ Server

The original TF2 sniper-only server was established on July the 4th, 2012 under the name “=Blotis= Snipin’ a good job, mate!”. The SnipeZilla Server, and SnipeZilla Steam Group were founded a few months later in response to the immense popularity of the original server.

SnipeZilla (or Sz), with zero downtime and an advanced ranking system that’s been around since day 1, is the most recognized sniping community around, with top quality servers hosted by NFOservers in 2 locations: USA and Germany.

A community driven with a mature administration, casual or hardcore snipers are always welcome to our unique and ever-growing community.

Snipin’s a good job, mate!



Australia’s largest and deadliest sniping server

With 5-million headshots every year and many, many more to come, here’s some advice: shoot first!

Snipin’ a good job, mate!

10 maps in rotation.

You call that snipin’?
Orange in rotation.


Occupied by Europeans

Is this some kind of bloody joke?

Thanks for standin’ still, wanker!

Legendary map pack for all wankers.


Outback hardiness

Surviving alone in the bush, slowly baking under the Australian sun… a real piece of piss

It was barely a challenge.

Tournament only (Challonge).