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MAP Sniper_Orange 110 vED 0.6

Edited version of Sniper_Orange 110, including new snipe positions and more!

  1. ExplosiveDeer
    Sniper_Orange [Version 0.6 released!]
    A map we all know and love, with a twist. A little more spacious for the evenings the map is clustered with the crowds. I wouldn't dare name it something completely different, so I figured Sniper_Orange_110_vED would be quite sufficient!

    So what's different with this map I come offering to the aussie enthusiasts? What makes it that much more exquisite?

    Let's get down to business.
    An interesting beginning to the preview wall! I'll let this go unexplained?

    HP up! (I kicked down the doors for this high grade medicine!)
    I overheard a desire for more adequate bandage supplements on either side. I think I can agree!

    Talk about luxury, there's even a peanut gallery!
    I've always wanted to snipe from up on the ledge... It seemed like a good spot, until I met face to face with someone and had no where to hide!

    Finally installed that backdoor on the camper-van, safety first!
    I figured it'd be nice to have a faster exit route from the towers. Never quite liked losing that cheap killstreak I got up there after running out of bullets.


    So again.. Why is it special?
    Perhaps it isn't the most special of specialties a man could hope to dream for in his life time, but I can guarantee a face full of smiles in this changed environment. It's like that time you're neighborhood park was suddenly redone with the nicest looking playground equipment you'd seen for miles! And at what cost? Absolutely nothing! Except maybe a few days of some alone time of course.

    Without further dally, I'd like to ask your opinion on the map! I'd love to see this make it on to the server if possible. That's something a man can truly dream up right?

    Latest Version:

    vEd03 final: (The top floor has less cover, map edging cleaned up) Download it here.

    Previous Versions:
    vEDo2: (Another New Floor, and touch ups to edges) Download it here.

    vED01: (New Floor, Escapes, Better doors) Download it here.

    Change 0.3 final (2/28/14 ... Later that day):
    - Found and fixed two leaks in skybox (Lighting will bend to my will now!)
    - Top floor has less cover
    - Cleaned up map edging; optimized map by reducing number of visible brush faces.
    - Fixed alternate bridges?

    Change 0.2 (2/28/14):
    - No more floating towers
    - Added ANOTHER floor :D (Only accessible by teleports to towers)
    *I may make the 3rd floor a little more scarce on protection in next update*

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