Command: !sz, !menu

MAP Sniper_Orange 110 vED 0.6

Edited version of Sniper_Orange 110, including new snipe positions and more!

  1. I can see the light!

    Changelog 0.5 - 0.6:
    * The lighting in the map is much more vibrant and less DULL! No more silly dark spots in the hallways, nor the obscene and impossible strips of light coming from absolutely nowhere!

    * Bridge is now, less difficult to cross but is still not a breeze in the park!

    * Team colored roofs (just an aesthetic)

    * "Godspeed you magnificent bastard."

    Special thanks to Cedde for lighting fix!

  2. Making space!

    Update 0.4: (Final?)
    In this update I reduced the cover on the 2nd floor as Cedde suggested. This opens up the floor levels a bit more making it a little less clustered!


    I may make another version as Dauphin suggested, where the map is halved in total size, and add a basement to make a more vertical based sniping map. This however will most likely come after my moutainside project.
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