Command: !sz, !menu

MAP sniper_orange_expanded v1.1

This is a very large, expanded version of 110.

  1. rjsh
    Not just my first ever sniper map, but my first ever map in general!
    This map is based off of the original sniper_orange_110.

    • More "huts"
    • A second level with multiple teleports.
    • An extra large "hut" on both sides.
    • upload_2015-12-28_18-33-2.png (there is a floor, I'm just in it in this shot.)
    • There IS a bridge.
    • Clipping in the middle to prevent people from jumping from the top level to the other side. (Absent near the bridge, obviously)
    • upload_2015-12-28_18-29-12.png
    • An underground barrack-style place as long as the map, on both sides. Features 2 medium health packs and ammo packs.
    • upload_2015-12-28_18-34-21.png
    • Multiple spawn points for each team.
    • Completely symmetrical!
    I hope that you all enjoy the map. PLEASE leave feedback, as this is my first ever map and would like to know what I could do better.

Recent Updates

  1. Bug Fixes and Health Add