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TOOL SnipeZilla Srcds Manager 0.14.16

Srcds Manager for Windows. Update and Monitor multiple instance of srcds game server.

  1. cedde
    This is a php script to completely manage a source dedicated server.
    Since no good server manager is available (exception to Forlix -but incomplete), I decide to write my own script.

    This is for Windows only (>=Vista recommended), SzMgr depends of:
    • xcopy
    • wmic
    • schtasks
    • tasklist
    • explorer


    At the moment Sz Manager is setup for:
    1. Garry's Mod
    2. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive
    3. Left 4 Dead 2
    4. Left 4 Dead
    5. Team Fortress 2
    6. Half-Life 2: Deathmatch
    7. Half-Life Deathmatch: Source
    8. Day of Defeat: Source
    9. Counter-Strike: Source
    10. Counter-Strike 1.6
    11. Counter-Strike: Condition Zero
    12. Deathmatch Classic
    13. Day of Defeat
    14. Team Fortress Classic
    The list (include/games.list.xml) can be easily extend but for now it is the only games I have tested.

    Main features for the script (SzMgr.php):
    • Manage one instance of SteamCMD
    • Support Source Game base only (unless 'pingable' is deselected)
    • Unlimited monitoring of Servers
    • Automatically Update
    • Crash control
    • Unresponsiveness control
    • Email alert
    • No plugin needs
    • Option to use a plugin to stop the server on update
    • Option to update all servers from a cache (minimize downtime)
    • Super light in resource (close to zero)
    • Options from xml format file
    • Easy to use
    • Comprehensive log system
    • Automatically Group server by app (e.g. Update will be trigger for all TF2 servers and queue)
    • RCON 'say' to inform current players before an update (can be replace with a plugin like sm_hsay)
    • Automatic Repair (works better with a cache)
    • Super stable
    • Write in php language (easy to read and maintain)
    • No needs to have php installed.
    • Possibility to not use a srcds.exe server (e.g hlds.exe)
    • And probably more features...
    • IMO the best Srcds Manager available
    This script is currently used on Sz Servers (TF2 and CSGO) with Windows Server 2012 R2 (English version -don't know if makes a difference yet). It is on its 4th alterations and very closed to perfection now (lol). This is a complete original and unique script. Property of SnipeZilla!

    How to install?

    Here's come the fun part. I wrote a web interface to manage and to maintain 'SnipeZilla Srcds Manager'.
    You can configure, delete, update or add a new server at anytime without affecting the running servers.
    The UI is incomplete but functional at the moment.
    Simply click the start.bat (right click and run as administrator to create the task; if you're not admin) in the SzMgr directory.

    The task Sz manager needs to read the config.xml and will do everything (install new game, monitor, update etc...). The web page is only here to help configure a game (write the config.xml file) and is independent to this manager.

    Options available:
    1. CONFIGURATION : setup SteamCMD and SRCDS, Trigger Update etc...
    2. INSTALLATION: To create the Run Task (with an option to run apps in background or not) or reload the new configuration.
    3. STATUS: Quick overlook of all servers monitoring by SzMgr, and option to individually stop or start a server.
    4. HELP: Useless links and legal stuff (GNU General Public License)

    The UI has been tested with firefox. It used js (jquery) and html5 (?)
    I'm not a designer but I tried my best to keep it simple and functional.
    The web interface is 'OFFLINE' only for security reason (//localhost:8888). Depending of the popularity, I will look for a public web interface (password protection, secure connection etc) for some rcon command or not.

    SnipeZilla Srcds Manager is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
    You can modify the script but you cannot redistribute it.

    Expect bugs and fatal error!!
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  1. 5/5,
    Version: 0.14.15
    Very good script, I was going to code my own, very similar to this until I stumbled across it!