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MAP Sz_Mountainside_vBeta 0.1b

Mountain Side Sniper map!

  1. ExplosiveDeer
    Mountain Side ([strike]alpha[/strike] Beta!)
    After getting a positive response on the Sniper_Orange edit, I decided to start right away on a new map. What I have in mind at the moment is a mountain side type map where two slopes face each other.

    The big question here is:

    Should the map have defenses on the slope allowing you to run up and down the slope and simply hide behind cover as such.
    Should the slopes simply be an aesthetic and instead have bunker recessed into each slope from which both teams will shoot from.

    Personally, I like the first idea, as this will help to practice sniping at a much broader variety of scope angles. The average sniper map consists of level terrain, and floors which raise your angle roughly 10-20 degrees every floor. With a slope, the angle could range from a level 0 degrees, to upwards of 60 degrees.
    Why would an increase in angle variety be good?
    I'm certain most players find it 50x easier to quickly headshot someone who is on the same level-plane as them. Considering most of the standard maps in tf2 are anything but flat, practicing on a map like this will help to improve skill with regards to broader angle'd scenarios.
    History of the map:
    Here's a very very alpha image of what it may look like:
    Let me know what you're thoughts are! I'm really excited for this project and cannot wait to see it finished :D

    Its starting to look like something! 7/2/2014
    (I'll be making a new post in the map repository section soon because progress!)
    As you can see I changed the "canal" to a river-like pond. It has a a major resemblance to the cp_gorge dry bank. What I plan to do here is turn the two slopes into terrain faces and make it sorta forest-like with a windy road that goes up it. Nothing too crowded, don't want a hide-and-seek game, but there definitely needs to be some cover!
    A Better Perspective 7/11/2014
    You can't seen the latest changes just yet! There is terrain being molded under the slopes at the moment though. It's coming along quite nicely! It's interesting how numbers like 128, 512, 1024, etc... Seem to make mapping the easiest thing in the world.
    [From the slope]
    *Please do excuse the shitty rock formation there. Was a test, I swear!
    [From the bottom - Across]

    Below: Scoped for reference as to just how wide the map is.

    A Crack in the Slope! 7/23/2014
    With one orange slope now gone, the shape of the map will probably be a lot easier to picture! Keep in mind the floating plane is the maximum height the slope will reach and level out at. Whats even more exciting about the map is its slight differences it will have on both sides of the map. I'd like to experiment with a design that does not simply duplicate one side over to the other. Through play testing I will adjust areas that may give advantages over the other, but I have high hopes it will work out! I can also see this map eventually taking on 5CP and Koth, maybe even Ctf! But that's definitely after the map has been finished for sniper v sniper!
    [Red's Slope]
    Below: Slightly different screenshot angle
    Below: Screenshot down the length of the map with base of slope

    A Centerpiece! 7/24/2014
    I'm really starting to get into the hang of this and see a finish date very soon! I've run into a tad lighting issue, but it shouldn't stop this train of development. I do know that this building here tends to take attention away from the road behind it, but once all of the detailing is finished on the slopes it will have a balanced attraction all over and should make a very interesting environment to play in. While the sniper fight might focus around the bridge, spawn locations can help to alleviate crowding and will be placed both in the building as well further up the road. At some point I will remove the control point to alleviate the strong KOTH representation it gives off. (That will of course be the location of the capture point on the KOTH version of the map.)
    Below: The lighting bug is fairly hideous and easy to spot on the building, but no worries! It will be squashed.


    Below: Player for scale :^)
    Seeing Double! 7/24/2014 (Officially in Beta!)
    That's right! BETA, one of the best parts about map making. It's in that stage where you've pretty much got bugs to fix, and in some cases, balancing to do, but this can stage can also be tackled with community input through live testing of the map! So what does this mean? You guys get to play test the map! It's almost like that rd_asteroid beta thing TF2 started. Except... SNIPER STYLE :)






    Random stats here:
    - Roughly 20 seconds to side strafe / run across the width of the map. (Left side to right side)
    - Roughly 70 seconds (1 minute 10 seconds) to run the length of the map. (Red spawn to Blue spawn)
    The more I look at this map's future, the more I'm liking the idea of a night version as well!