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TF2 HLstatsX Daily Awards


kill assistsUnited states Noot Noot (moat.gg)
15 kill assists

Bargins Earned

Bazaar Bargain killsUnited states World's most incompetent Sniper
430 Bazaar Bargain kills

Best Latency

ms average connectionUnited states World's most incompetent Sniper
29 ms average connection

Cleaning Time

The Cleaner's Carbine killsUnited states bendsnoopy
13 The Cleaner's Carbine kills

Doctor Assited Suicide

suicidesUnited states CRHalby
10 suicides


Down Under

kills with The Sydney SleeperThailand macmaruay
42 kills with The Sydney Sleeper

Fried Egg

kills with the Frying PanUnited states BerzerkFlame
9 kills with the Frying Pan

George Bushwacka

kills with The BushwackaUnited states ←»Kent«→
9 kills with The Bushwacka


King of vengence

Making Heat

The Hitman's Heatmaker killsUnited states slingshotxx
76 The Hitman's Heatmaker kills

Medic Assistance

medic assistsKorea, republic of fox male
1 medic assists

Most Bonus Points

bonus pointsUnited states World's most incompetent Sniper
1472 bonus points

Most dominated

times dominatedUnited states World's most incompetent Sniper
18 times dominated

Most Kills

Now that's a knife

machete killsMexico jose_10
12 machete kills

Problems Solved

Machina killsUnited states tlmsh0t
45 Machina kills

Quivering Fool

kills with the HuntsmanUnited states Noot Noot (moat.gg)
24 kills with the Huntsman

Shahaha UR Dead

Shahanshah killsUnited states Ztdunn
21 Shahanshah kills

Signed Petitioners

Conscientious Objector killsCanada whale
3 Conscientious Objector kills

Submachine gun

smg killsUnited states Father Of Ducks
4 smg kills

The Tribalman's Shiv

kills with The Tribalman's ShivUnited states |rtx| 1 stp klosr
1 kills with The Tribalman's Shiv

Top Sniper

snipingsUnited states wOlf
177 snipings

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