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  1. I don't know who the original author is for 2fortsniper_tf2_f but, this map was so nice I couldn't resist playing with it. :)

    Would they want a copy of the .vmf and .bsp files?

    Currently I'm running the v2 version on my test server but, I made a few changes to the maps logic entities to fit in better with my server. The logic entities are all in the same spots however, the end entity was removed and replaced with a round win entity so the round will end after the timer is up rather than continually reloading the map. This way the map will only reload the server when the max rounds has been reached in the setting mp_maxrounds in the server.cfg file. My test server's .cfg is set at 10 so the server won't restart until the 10th round is over. The players are also set to switch teams after every round. Of course, all of this can be modified/changed to fit anyone's needs for their server(s). ;) A new logic relay has been added in with the others for the rotators I put in for the lights on 2 of the prop vehicles. I also changed the light enviormental entity to an evening effect to fit in with the evening time skybox.

    Some screenshots:


    The .bsp and .vmf files:


    Thank you! I had some fun with this one!

    Not sure if I will put the map on a live server but figured I would share. ;)
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    Similar to the haunted version of this map

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