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A Quick Guide for the Hangman

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    wew.dope suggested I post this guide as a new thread, so here ya are!

    The Steps to Banning quickly!
    1. Like wew.d0pe mentioned, hackers will 90% of the time refrain from using their own/main steam profile (for obvious reasons they don't want to lose the account they actually spent some of their money on! ... Which begs the question why they'd spend money on an aimbot only to have the account eventually banned...)

    - The avatar is 99% of the time the default "?"
    - The profile is probably private or not setup.
    - Hours on the game are low
    - Inventory has under 10 items
    - (0 - 10) achievements acquired

    2. When you see one of these people, and they are poppin' heads left and right, go ahead and stop what you are doing and type 'status' in console.

    What this will do is show a list of the players currently connected to the server, and all over their respective STEAMID's and the USERID's with respect to connection to the server. These two are the important numbers.
    * The number "3867" is the USERID.
    * The string/number "STEAM_0:1:6047325" is the STEAMID
    * We don't need to worry about the rest.

    2b. "But wait, the aimbotter is using somebody else's name! There are two? Which one is it?"
    The beauty of Steam: You can have any name you want, in any server, at any time. As long as it isn't the same as someone else's you are currently playing with. There will ALWAYS be a difference.

    Take a look:
    * Obviously I couldn't make myself join again, and get a perfect scenario. BUT, images can tell the future can they not? Sure what the hell.
    * Lets pretend this is an aimbotter, with a different steamid and userid posing as me.
    * Lets also pretend the symbol at the end of my name is a " " (space); "{CA}ExplosiveDeer "

    There will always be a tell tale sign that this person is the poser. Are they changing their name frequently? Not a problem. Once you type "status" it won't change the print out like a live feed. Thank the lord!

    3. So we've pinpointed the fag, lets kick/ban his ass.

    There are two ways we can do this: (sm_ban #"STEAM_0:1:6047325")
    Note: In the image I forgot to put "quotes" around the STEAMID after the #!
    *You technically only need the quotes wrapped around the steamid if you want to use the exact copy paste form with the ":" left in. Otherwise you can replace the colons with underscores:
    sm_kick #STEAM_0_1_6047325
    sm_ban #STEAM_0_1_6047325

    (sm_ban #3867)

    * The hashtag "#" is used to target EXACT references such as STEAMID or USERID. It is very useful! Unfortunately, simply using sm_admin to then kick from the list won't give you a surefire chance of kicking/banning the actual perp because he's put you in a situation where its a 50/50 shot. I don't like those odds, so I don't do it that way.

    And that's how the losers of this world can be exterminated in 3 quick & easy steps!

    Bonus Step:

    Step 4: Come at me bro.
    The above 3 steps are the fastest route to getting rid of those unwanted jackwagons that think aimbotting will improve their online experience. So it's no wonder it brings great pleasure to send these jackwagons off to hell with a final message from the hangman himself. When there's a head to chop, the hangman will always come down from the gallows!

    So, from what we learned above, all we need to do is simply amend the previous code with our message.

    sm_kick #"#STEAM_0:1:6047325" "<Message here>"
    sm_ban #"#STEAM_0:1:6047325" "<Message here>"
    The message always comes last, but its the first thing those jackwagons will have the pleasure of seeing, so don't get carried away with an endless amount of vengeance in your heart!
    - Make sure to have a space after the end of your kick/ban reference target.
    - Always put quotes on the message to keep it clean and exactly they way the devil inside you wants it.
    - You can leave out the "<" and ">".

    Hope this helps!
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