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Discussion in 'Ban / Unban Requests' started by Hate Machine, Jul 2, 2017.

  1. Hate Machine

    Hate Machine .hac Staff Member Sʐ Tournament Admin.Sʐ

    Went into the server tonight to snipe a little, all was good till this guy came in.
    was getting ok shots at first then I noticed something weird. When slick joined with me I saw him shoot towards me then snap still aimed to slick on the other side of the map. This threw a red flag for me. As some time passed he kept getting ridiculous shot one after another, not even knowing where i was and just popping me, so to be sure I jumped to spectate randomly and got this clip. Seems like he knew he f***ed up and left immediately after before I could do anything. Hope you guys can get rid of this guy.
    Much <3,


    His info:

    Steam ID:
    Steam ID:
    IP is in hlstats, dont want to just throw it out.

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  2. Mixup

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    Yea seems like he lost control of his toggle bot and it was snapping to people heh..
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  3. Darth Doggy

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    His arse shall henceforth be banned for all eternity. Or at least until he learns how to change IPs.
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