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Discussion in 'Ban / Unban Requests' started by deloy8, Jan 12, 2014.

  1. deloy8

    deloy8 Baby Zilla

    why am I banned on the server, there was a spy. and I wanted to get back. When I wast suddenly gebandt why? and me steam name is pirate killer
  2. deloy8

    deloy8 Baby Zilla

    ow wait I'm ge unband dankje
  3. Darth Doggy

    Darth Doggy It's Doge time!! Staff Member Administrator Moderator Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ- Lord of the Memes Admin.Sʐ

    Deloy8, you were most likely banned for backstabbing on the server. All admins give warnings before banning an individual for such a reason. If you desire to play spy, please try and remain with your Ambassador (gun), as the goal for spies is to kill with Ambassador headshots.

    Have a nice day!

    - Doggy
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