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bayaresh's Admin Request

Discussion in 'Sz Admin Request' started by bayaresh, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. bayaresh

    bayaresh Baby Zilla

    Name (Nickname is also acceptable)


    Sorry, I don't feel secure about giving out my real name right now; it's something I primarily tell friends that I am able to trust



    What are your personal interests or hobbies?

    I enjoy playing basketball, art, and playing video games! I also plan to enter the field of software development as my major in college.

    How did you come across the Snipezilla server?

    When I was new to Team Fortress 2, I had seen montages and frag videos of skilled players having fun playing different classes, and after discovering sniping, I loaded up tf2, typed "sniper" into the search bar, and started playing.

    Why do you want to become an admin? (Motivation)

    I want to be a Snipezilla admin primarily because of the lack of active administrative players that I've seen recently, and because I want to give the gamemode a fresh sense of character. Usually when I'm on and I run into a cheater, there are hardly and admins that are available to handle the problem swiftly. Most of you that have played for a few years when the server was much more popular may not always be available to snipe, and my goal is to be a new face here to ensure that this experience is both satisfying and nontoxic as possible.

    What do you most enjoy about Snipezilla?

    The thing I enjoy the most is simply the experience offered by sniper versus sniper. When I began playing, I was much more arrogant and irritable than I am today. By playing this gamemode with this community I have learned a perspective about gaming that showed me that this is just a game above all else. Having fun, chilling, and simply sniping with people in this community has been one of the best experiences of my childhood.

    Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:154694924

    Sniping's a good job, mate!
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  2. bayaresh

    bayaresh Baby Zilla

    I don't know how to get rid of the signature; I had no idea that it was there.
  3. DrunkDoc

    DrunkDoc Sz. Personnel Manager Staff Member Administrator Moderator Admin.Sʐ King of the Bitch Fight -Sʐ- "Drunk"

    i deleted your signature
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  4. Mixup

    Mixup Newbie Zilla Staff Member Sʐ Tournament «+» Admin.Sʐ

    The age worries me a bit.
  5. shortydog

    shortydog Baby Zilla Staff Member Admin.Sʐ

    The age does worry me too but that was a well thought out request that shows maturity. He is very active on the servers and has always been a stand up person and player. I give him my vote.
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