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CSGO How to Adjust to CSGO's Shooting Mechanics?

Discussion in 'PC Games Discussion' started by Sweet Sparkling Jarate, Mar 21, 2015.

  1. In the dozen or so hours I have invested into CSGO, I have found the hit detection mechanics to be rather absurd. In many instances, I have had foes completely cover my outer crosshair (the one that illustrates spread) and yet I fail to hit them. In the distant skirmishes where I land the first hits, I still get killed since my foes are apparently unfazed by the hits and end up headshotting me. It seems that Counter-Strike's mechanics, particularly those of CSGO, defy any kind of logic. How does one adapt to such absurdity?
  2. cedde

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    You need skill lol. CSGO has some light recoil to simulate the weapons, like many fps (cod, etc... but not as pronounced). Before you shoot, try to pause.
    In comparison, TF2 is very raw, point and click, meaning your skill is truly based on your reflex but with CSGO you also have to learn some basic mechanisms which are imo not so bad for this type of game.

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