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CSGO New Hosting Problems and Updates

Discussion in 'PC Games Discussion' started by Mr.Bombar, Feb 25, 2016.

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  1. Mr.Bombar

    Mr.Bombar Baby Zilla

    So since the last updates (CSGO & Not maybe the last but ok) Steam require now Login Tokens to Host an CSGO Dedicated Server...

    Even its possible to get account banned for having a terrifying Server and stuff, CSGO has decied to give users whos server got banned, also a cooldown in game( around 5 WEEKS) from all servers (even community..) so you can play offline with bots or read the credits..

    This happend to me: I have a Server where i run following addons: knife and weapon paint.(they are blacklisted)
    The Addons are Simulating the Skins and Knifes what are Buyable in Game but its not really affecting the Market or anything.

    And then it happend... Meanwhile i played csgo i got kicked from the matchmaking and then this came up:

    I just asked myself what happend and first did not understand the message...

    After some days i just tried the snipezilla scrds Manager and found the Message that my Tokens are not valid.
    i checked in Steam and then this came out:

    and then i understand why i got banned...

    After this i just make a new account and load 10 USD, purchased csgo and enter my phone number.
    I tried it on the new account but:

    man today was my worst day because of this ...

    I personally think thats a ton of bullshit what valve does. I hope they did not blacklisted my Servers ip.
    I dont know what to say, i Just started a ticket to get unbanned but the thing is why f***ing valve dont contact me and ban me PERMANENT ? i just see other users who got banned for 1 week.. but no the f***ng annoying mr.bombar needs permanent..

    And i think that changes the modding community if valve continue with blacklisting..

    WELL DONE VALVE you ruined my not my day, IT WAS MY LIFE.

    Good Experience from Valve ×
    Worst Experience from Valve ✓


    Srry my english skills are worst.

    with regards the ruined Mr.Bombar..:mad::mad::mad::(:(
  2. cedde

    cedde Snipin's a good job, mate! Staff Member SNIPEZILLA Admin.Sʐ Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ-

    I read Valve blocked the server with IP but changed to account owner now. I'm guessing they traced your account from your phone number.
    Should have pay attention to the cooldown!
    And I'm afraid Valve will not unbanned your account or server; they are actually worse than our Sz admins...
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  3. Mr.Bombar

    Mr.Bombar Baby Zilla

    hmm this is annoying for valve... so now i cant host a server again ?? :rolleyes::rolleyes: thats again ******shit and thats my opponion...
    they did not warn me for 1 time f***in retarded valve
  4. Cats

    Cats #hs Staff Member SNIPEZILLA Sʐ Tournament Admin.Sʐ

    I myself have a couple csgo servers and people keep asking me about these plugins, but I read online a lot of stuff about them getting servers blacklisted for a couple weeks so my decision was very clear.

    The idea of banning people for their servers is just stupid and a bit overkilling it for such a victimless crime, but I think that if you knew the risks before hands, this is on you. Don't get me wrong, I think too that was a stupid and greedy move by Valve, but all things considered you should've taken the time to evaluate the risks before installing those plugins.
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  5. Mr.Bombar

    Mr.Bombar Baby Zilla

    yeah but i just want more like a email or notification from valve: "put down the plugins or we ban you" ...

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