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Sudden ban

Discussion in 'Ban / Unban Requests' started by Lock'n'Load, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Lock'n'Load

    Lock'n'Load Baby Zilla

    So I was playing on SZ server this day and suddenly got banned RIGHT after 5 secs when the first round on sniper 2fort began without ANY reason mentioned. I have no idea what for I was banned, so could I please have an unban or at least a reason why I was banned?
  2. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    Who's got access to the server log to see what happened?
  3. Darth Doggy

    Darth Doggy It's Doge time!! Staff Member Administrator Moderator Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ- Lord of the Memes Admin.Sʐ

    Lock'n'Load, you were banned for "aimbotting" on the server by the console. Whether directly by the console or not, I will discover shortly, but usually for good reasoning (e.g. third person programming, invis. textures or unfair advantages caused by programs outside of TF2 - detected by SMAC).
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  4. Lock'n'Load

    Lock'n'Load Baby Zilla

    I honestly have never been cheating and I never do so. I do not use any modification programms outside TF2 that one way or another may cause ban. Perhaps there was some kind of a mistake? I do remember that the map before 2fort was snipeorama and there was a hacker with a lot of numbers in his nickname and he got permamently banned shortly after his aimbot was discovered.
  5. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    Doggy did you check to see if the Steam ID matches the account he has registered with?

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