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Discussion in 'Sz Admin Request' started by BigBoss, Jul 29, 2017.

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  1. BigBoss

    BigBoss New Member

    Name: wow ur really gud

    Age: 19

    What are your personal interests or hobbies?

    Professional piano improviser, 2nd-year physics student, and I snipe on the side. : )

    I'm looking for a clearance to be promoted to an admin for this great server. I have over 310 hours on record as a sniper, with "SnipeZilla" being the predominantly visited server by me. I'm all for enforcing the rules and keeping the server in order. I will highly appreciate and respect all rules and regulations at hand once I qualify to become an admin, and I look forward to helping create a more safer and enjoyable playing experience for players in the future.

    How did you come across the Snipezilla server?

    Back in the day I searched for sniper servers online and found this way back in 2013. Was a good day. : )

    Why do you want to become an admin?

    I hate it when players break the rules and use aim bots and all sorts of hacks to gain an advantage and ruin the whole experience for everyone.

    I believe that I have a relatively good ability to scope out and read the typical characteristics and actions of aim bot users. In addition to this, a telltale sign of an aim bot user being present in a game would almost immediately be met with an uproar and a general consensus amongst the players in the chat that the identified player is indeed hacking.

    What do you most enjoy about Snipezilla?

    The great players I get to meet and the long lasting friendships I make along the way. Honestly, I met some incredible people on this server, shortydog being one of them. Also, great for training. : )

    Steam ID:
    Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:61912176

    I'm currently ranked in at 584th position on the "SnipeZilla" server with a score of 16395, and a time of 66:25.

    I hope you wonderful people promote me and let's work together to keep this already great server clean and fun. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and I hope I bought your approval. : )
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  2. prims

    prims New Member

    neutral from me, although personally I haven't seen him active enough in game and in forums since 2 days ago.
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  3. Husky

    Husky Coffee Addict Staff Member Administrator Moderator Admin.Sʐ

    As a note for Prims we love community feedback however we rely on other admins to vouch for those applying for adminship.

    Now as for the person applying I will discuss this with the other admins before we make a decision seeing as I don't think I've ever seen you. But then again I'm not nearly as active as I use to be.
  4. BigBoss

    BigBoss New Member

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  5. DrunkDoc

    DrunkDoc Sz. Personnel Manager Staff Member Administrator Moderator Admin.Sʐ "Drunk" -Sʐ-

    497 hrs on record
    last played on Jul 30

    i may just say no for now, you have an extremely limited # of hours on tf2.
  6. Husky

    Husky Coffee Addict Staff Member Administrator Moderator Admin.Sʐ

    I'm gonna say no for now as well. You may have sniped with us for awhile but we do also look into hours played on the game as well. After discussing with some of the others a few of us can say we haven't really ever seen you which can be a bit of an issue.
  7. shortydog

    shortydog New Member Staff Member Admin.Sʐ

    I'll have to say no also based on the limited time on the server. But keep playing, learning, and earning.........it'll come.
  8. Wile

    Wile :s Staff Member Admin.Sʐ

    I'm gonna have to go with no for now as well. # of hours is limited and today was the very first day I have run into you on here. And from what I watched today you did not demonstrate maturity at all when it came to interacting with others. I believe it was fitty who you were exchanging words with but it was not a pleasant or mature display of composure in an arguement. regardless, i hope you can continue to grow and learn from all this, and maybe apply again at some point.

    best of luck
  9. BigBoss

    BigBoss New Member

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  10. DrunkDoc

    DrunkDoc Sz. Personnel Manager Staff Member Administrator Moderator Admin.Sʐ "Drunk" -Sʐ-


    im bringing this back
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