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Discussion in 'PC Games Discussion' started by ΩhiteΣtripeʐ, Feb 26, 2014.

  1. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    Downloading the new Thief. I've played them all to date and have been waiting for Thief 4 for a long long time. Bought it yesterday and got four genuine TF2 items. Pretty Cool, I'll give ya'll and update once I finished downloading and get a chance to get in the game. I've been downloading this thing for about 12 hours now.

    Also general Thief 4 discussion.

    * I realized i misspelled the thread heading* Maybe a mod could change it?
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  2. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    Played Thief for an hour today, not a bad game. Lot's of sneaking and stealing :).
  3. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

  4. Darth Doggy

    Darth Doggy It's Doge time!! Staff Member Administrator Moderator Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ- Lord of the Memes Admin.Sʐ

    Mhmm, I considered getting the game, but then figured I'd wait till it goes on a sale. I have enough games atm lol
    But the hoodie and bow make it very tempting :/
  5. cedde

    cedde Snipin's a good job, mate! Staff Member SNIPEZILLA Admin.Sʐ Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ-

    Not bad:

    Is the game any good?
  6. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    I'm at chapter 2 and it has the game play of Assassins creed. The story line is so so. Probably would wait for it to be on sale, imo.

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