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  1. J.D. wHO DAt

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    How many people to a team?

    How is the match played? What map?

    How is it scored?

    I am curious on how the sniper vs sniper wars work.
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    Good question
  3. Darth Doggy

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    Here's a thread I created to explain all of this on the clan forums, but it's now inaccessible due to the new layout =S Luckily I still have access to it lol Here:

    Seeing as how everybody is throwing messages all over the forums concerning how the Sz Team will work, I felt it would be more useful to create this thread and explain the general rules.
    Though a quick definition guide:
    • Clan: A group of snipers who grouped up for their skills and not necessarily for competitive gameplay.
    • Team: A group of snipers who work to play competitive sniping. Most clans have a team (either organized within the clan or in a seperate group).

    1. Roster so far (can easily change):
      Team Captain: Darth Doggy

      Veterans: Cedde, J.D. WhO DaT

      Members: Dopeness, Zexlion, Wew, Perish, Dauphin, Vindication, Crab...

      - Veterans will become team captain if I am not able to play the given time.
      - It is OK to have a lot of members, as most of the sniping clans around have over 20 or even 40 members. I will pick members for each scrim, and I will try my best to pick unbiasedly!
      - There is a low possibility that all members will be able to play at the given time, or will want to, therefore leaving plenty of space.
    2. Scrims:
      - Scrims are relaxed competitive SvS games.
      - They range from 2v2 to 8v8 (largest I've seen... but can be larger with payload now!)
      - Scrims are usually won by having the largest amount of high-scorers at the end of the game. But I emphasize the part where these kinds of games are created more for entertainment than competition (for the most part).
      - If one team has too many members, then those members can either spectate and switch for gameplay with current in-game players or purely spectate.
      - If the other team has no spectating members and our team has two (or more) spectators, then it could be possible for some to shortly drop their tag and join the opposing team, so that one or more may join our team. This is simply to allow more people to play. Not every team or clan wants this though!
    3. Organization:
      - I will pick snipers (who have stated they will be available) from the team for the game. If necessary, I will spectate if some are becoming a bit edgy only spectating.
      - There will be a Steam group for this team as well, due to some players not actively checking the forums. I will post scrim information in that group and on this forum.
      - Yes, I will invite all the members to that Steam group...
    4. When?
      - Once things are more or less organized on the forums themselves, I will ask the other existing teams for scrim opportunities. As mentioned before, I will post the information here and on Steam!
    5. Maps:
      - Maps will most likely be chosen by the visiting team, but they will be given a moderately short list, which will be selected from the most played map list on the HLSTATSX page and the traditional scrim choices (e.g. TF2_f, Ridge, Dot...). For J.D.'s sake: Yes, Orange (no_bridge or XXL) will be there.
    6. Game time:
      Game time will vary between 15-45 minutes (normal scrim time). If the scrim is going so well, I will further extend the time, but otherwise, 15-45 minutes is the normal time-period.
      - I will ask for a time-limit at the beginning of each match. Hopefully everybody can agree on a time after a short while!
    7. Membership:
      I believe that members should be invited by the current members and not through requests. I will edit this part later when it is better decided.
    And now, yet again, a man dancing with an ostrich as thank you for your time reading!


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  4. J.D. wHO DAt

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    Sounds good....I am looking forward to it.
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  5. Vindication

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    Orange no_bridge?
    I like the bridge ;_;

    Don't cut me from the team please haha
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