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Waller or aim assist

Discussion in 'Ban / Unban Requests' started by spl, Jul 5, 2017.

  1. spl

    spl Retard

    Today a dude named R E A L I T Y came in and started hitting absurd shots at absurd speeds. It looks like he has walls with some aim assist too. His profile:


    Video - First half of video is best proof, second half still has some suspicious shots but he starts killing himself.
  2. Wile

    Wile :s Staff Member Admin.Sʐ

    I was called into the server to observe him, and after watching for a few minutes I was about to ban him but he idled and timed out before I could.
  3. DrunkDoc

    DrunkDoc Sz. Personnel Manager Staff Member Administrator Moderator Admin.Sʐ King of the Bitch Fight -Sʐ- "Drunk"

    at least wall hacking, super noticeable when he accidentally scoped in at around 1:13 to the guy behind the wall.
  4. Cats

    Cats #hs Staff Member SNIPEZILLA Sʐ Tournament Admin.Sʐ

    Suspicious? yes. Definitive hacker? no.

    Good aim, sketchy profile is either an alt or a hacker and it's always really hard to tell.
    But again he doesn't have a great game sense so I'd lean more towards Hacker.
    Nothing definitive though.
  5. Hate Machine

    Hate Machine .hac Staff Member Sʐ Tournament Admin.Sʐ

    Slow down the video to 0.5 and watch the shot at 0:52. It seems to be dragged between two targets but picks the one behind the wall to try and shoot at. Also, if you look at his no scope shots and some of his headshots, he barely seems to be on the hitbox or just outside it(could also be recording/spectate issue) but that shit kinda says a bit of silent aim to me.
    Those are my findings with this, I can't conclude much else other than that, I bet he will f*** up like the ones I ban, they always f*** up.
  6. Hate Machine

    Hate Machine .hac Staff Member Sʐ Tournament Admin.Sʐ

    That too, and also Doc, after he kills the guy at 1:30 he knows the other guy spawned behind the wall, he keeps looking at him through it as he goes to the other side before throwing his jarate.
  7. Hate Machine

    Hate Machine .hac Staff Member Sʐ Tournament Admin.Sʐ

    Could be set up for just a specific fov, like around the entity, which is why there isnt much snapping going on. combined with a toggle too cause he doesnt notice the guy in the tower for the longest.

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