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Yeah, That's Payload. & more...

Discussion in 'Snipin's a good job, mate!' started by cedde, Feb 21, 2014.

  1. cedde

    cedde Snipin's a good job, mate! Staff Member SNIPEZILLA Admin.Sʐ Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ-

    Payload for Sniper:
    On Payload maps, the BLU team must push a cart full of explosives through a series of checkpoints and into the RED team's base within 5 mn. The more people near the cart, the faster it moves.
    Any RED team member standing near the cart will stop it from venturing further.
    If a BLU player does not push the cart after 30 seconds have passed, the cart will start slowly moving backwards until it reaches a checkpoint/BLU spawn or a BLU player stands next to it again. The cart works as a Level 1 Dispenser for the BLU team (and the only disguised Red Spy) to restore health and ammunition to those pushing it.
    When the cart reaches the final point on the final stage, welcome Doctor, the Payload cart will explode killing anyone standing too close to it and destroying the RED team's base as well, thus symbolizing the BLU team's victory.
    Overtime! touch the cart, don't give up!

    Teamwork guys!
    On SnipeZilla, as you did figure out, your rank goes up with bonus points (Domination, kill-streak...)
    Without bonus, you probably will not gain any points since, depending on your opponent, your need 2x kills to break even. However on payload, your bonus points will mostly come from your push or your defense: forget K:d! Get organize and help your mate!
    Class? We tried 2 spies, 1 red spy/1 blu medic, 2 spies/2 medics. Once again, a single spy per team appear to be the most disturbing for the opponent. Your choice. The last push is challenging! The medic was supposed to help. He did not yet.

    Bonus Per team:
    1 point to block the cart
    5 points at check-point
    25 points mini-round win
    50 points round win
    Rank start at 4 players

    New Server?
    Many more! just need your help!
    SnipeZilla is big, I know it, but how long will it take for the other server to be in fav' and populated?
    Payload is fun when 10+ join!
    Share/Spread the news and invite all your friends for a Payload this weekend! We like SnipeZilla but we can make it better!
    "Snipin' a good job, mate" will have 3000 unique snipers this weekend, can a 1/3 try Payload?
    Remember Snipezilla is your second favorite server! And you don't like to wait in line to snip': "You call that snipin'?"-> same server, same awesomeness.
    You're bored with facing worlds map or your other favorite server is not that good after all: "Yeah, That's Payload."->Fun, new, extraordinary and challenging sniper mod!
    Looks like You made the right choice to play on SnipeZilla, mate! but now it all depends on you for 2014: Fat or Slim?
  2. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    I think capture points or even maybe the whole Two Fort map with just snipers might be interesting! AND i will bring this up until someone finds it; old sniper maps from classic reign.
  3. Perish ♪

    Perish ♪ Oink oink Staff Member -Sʐ- Admin.Sʐ

    Okay. I know we are way past the headshots-only idea. But, if we have three servers, would it be possible to have just one of them with headshots-only? There are times where I have played on other servers opposed to snipezilla simply because I was in the mood for head-shots only. I find it does help a lot in aiming at jumpers and plus: less complainers.
  4. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    I know, i've said this before but here it goes... jumping means you luck out of getting hs that time, and the second, then the third, well you're dead. Good question comes to mind. What are the competitive rules going to be? HS only? No melee? No sleepers? no jumping? no strafing? no second shooting? no cornering? Stand still and take turns blasting each other?
  5. Perish ♪

    Perish ♪ Oink oink Staff Member -Sʐ- Admin.Sʐ

    Tbh, I was more concerned with accidentally bodyshoting low health people and ruining my HS strange part. Haha.

    But I guess it's already ruined...
  6. ΩhiteΣtripeʐ

    ΩhiteΣtripeʐ Active Zilla SNIPEZILLA

    I feel you on that. I added my HS part 2k kills into the counter.
  7. cedde

    cedde Snipin's a good job, mate! Staff Member SNIPEZILLA Admin.Sʐ Sʐ Tournament -Sʐ-

    No HS :D

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